WRE Forum presents the Bangla Tutorial on QGIS by Dr. Md. Mostafa Ali, Dept. of Water Resources Engineering, Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET).

QGIS is an open source GIS tool which is widely used in many engineering fields, such as Water Resources, Environmental Science, Urban Planning, Transportation Engineering, Geophysics etc. In this nine lectures, Prof Mostafa Ali has tried to cover basic topics of GIS and QGIS

1 Introduction to GIS and QGIS

2 Projections and GIS File Format

3 Fundamentals of Vector Data

4 Fundamentals of Raster Data

5. Georeferencing scanned map

6 Exercise 2: Digitization of Images

7 Exercise 3: Importing Tabular Format Data

8 Exercise 4: Raster Data Operations

9 Exercise 5: Map Generation