You probably heard about the R project. R is a free software environment for programming, statistical computing and graphics. WRE Forum presentes the R tutorial series for beginners by Sarfaraz Alam. The series covers topics like data manipulation, plotting and simple statistical calculations. These tutorials will help anyone with no prior knowledge of programming can get introduced to the programming world in very easy steps.

Author's Bio:

Sarfaraz Alam,

PhD Candidate, University of California, Los Angeles and Assistant Professor, BUET

1.1: Intro to tutorial series part 1 + What is R and RStudio

1.2: How to install R/RStudio? Intro to RStudio IDE

1.3: Doing simple calculations in R

1.4: Write and read excel/text files

1.5: Dataframe manipulation + select specific row/columns

1.6: Intro to plotting and library in R

2.1: Intro to part 2 tutorial series

2.2: Data types in R

2.3: Import data from multiple folders + remove/replace missing values

2.4: Replace character/numeric values

2.5: Manipulate subset of a dataframe

2.6: Calculate statistics by group in a dataframe

2.7: Sort dataframe

2.8: Randomly split dataframe + standardize/normalize data

2.9: For loop and if/else conditions in R

2.10: Join dataframes in R